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Halloween: The Language of the World

Posted by: Tarin Keith | Author: 10/28/14 | Categories: Language Learning Tips, Multilingual Children

Millions of children around the world will be celebrating the globally recognized holiday, Halloween. From Mexico, to the United States, to Canada, to Ireland; each culture has found a unique way to celebrate this ancient holiday. Traditions vary in differing cultures, but a few things remain the […]… Learn more »

Rosetta Stone – The Pros and Cons

Posted by: Tarin Keith | Author: 10/21/14 | Categories: Language Learning Tips, Second Language Acquisition

It seems one can hardly mention the topic of language-learning without Rosetta Stone being brought to the forefront of the conversation. It’s as if it somehow unlocked a major secret allowing anyone, anywhere, to master a language. But there are a few things you should […]… Learn more »

Foreign Film Hidden Gems on Netflix

Posted by: Tarin Keith | Author: 09/18/14 | Categories: English Language, Language Learning Tips

As summer comes to an end and the cold kicks in, we all have one thing in mind; it’s time to reactivate those Netflix accounts. Those who insist that they have exhausted their Netflix options — fear no more! Here are 5 foreign film hidden gems currently […]… Learn more »

Body Language Dos and Don’ts For Business

Posted by: Tarin Keith | Author: 09/16/14 | Categories: English Language, Language Learning Tips

Language comes in all forms. Body language goes a long way when it comes to business… and just about everything else. Here is some insight into how gestures can help you win respect in the workplace. You might be surprised…   1. Don’t Cross Your […]… Learn more »

5 Language Learning Blogs You Must Follow

Posted by: Tarin Keith | Author: 08/23/14 | Categories: Language Learning Tips

There is more to learning a language than semantics and phonetics. Becoming fluent in a language means becoming fluent in an entire culture. When it comes to cultural awareness, the surge in Internet developments has provided us with an overload of resources to take advantage […]… Learn more »