We currently offer private French lessons online, in NYC and NJ. Learn French to your desired level of proficiency.

French is one of the most useful languages in the world. Our students acquire proficiency in French for many different reasons: for travel, for relationships and for business.

We have been teaching French for 20+ years. Beyond teaching the language to hundreds of individuals, we have also taught French at the New York headquarters for companies that include Chanel, Cartier, and Christian Dior.

Your class will include development in:

  • Listening comprehension
  • Speaking ability
  • Reading comprehension
  • Writing ability



We work with you to achieve:

  • Improved overall fluency and confidence in spoken French
  • Acquisition of specialized vocabulary and expressions per your goals

We will push you to achieve your goals

Every program is personalized yet certain fundamentals are always present. We will push you to listen to French at great length and we identify level-appropriate resources for you.  When you speak French, we will train you to develop good pronunciation and to use appropriate filler words and connecting words. Attention will be paid to both your fluency and your accuracy. Our lessons are designed in a manner to make learning fun and effective.

Private French Lessons

All of our private French classes are built around:

  • Your needs and goals
  • Your learning style

All private programs are offered as either:

  • Private lessons on Zoom
  • Face-to-face lessons in NYC or NJ

French Programs

We personalize French programs that range in duration from one day to an entire year. Your program will include multimedia to enrich your experience with the language: text, audio, video, online exercises. An example of a standard private program:

  • 60-minute lessons
  • Once or twice per week (or more intense, if requested)
  • 10 or 15 weeks
  • Private French lessons’ cost vary, depending on the type of program you choose.

Contact us for more information!