5 Language Learning Blogs You Must Follow

5 Language Learning Blogs You Must Follow

There is more to learning a language than semantics and phonetics. Becoming fluent in a language means becoming fluent in an entire culture. When it comes to cultural awareness, the surge in Internet developments has provided us with an overload of resources to take advantage of – with blogging at the epicenter of these resources.

Sometimes it can be difficult to scour through the clutter to find the good stuff. That is why we’ve done this for you! Here is our list of top 5 language and culture blogs around!

korean blog1. Talk To Me In Korean

The TTMIK blog consistently produces outstanding and informative high quality content. From travel itineraries, to foods to eat, to cultural insights, to language tips, this blog has it ALL. It paints a well-rounded and honest picture of what to expect when traveling to Korea.




polyglot dream2. The Polyglot Dream

This blog does a fine job of putting the reader in context, in a “story-esque” kind of way. It is descriptive and delightful while informative and insightful. Much is based off of personal experience, or the inside scoop. Skip the tourist routine, and get down to the routes with this novel blog.




means language3. Means Language Blog

This blog expresses the value of language in everyday life through great humor and entertainment. Find out interesting facts about the English language, along with learning tips and hilarious little anecdotes that are sure to capture your attention.



hacking chinese4. Hacking Chinese

Hacking Chinese focuses on how to learn Chinese, something which is neglected by most teachers and courses that simply focus on what to learn. This is done by putting the reader in specific applicable scenarios in which to learn from. The language learner can gain a better understanding of how social queues play a major role in learning a culture.



ellen jovin blog5. Words And Worlds of New York

This is an exceptional blog about learning 17 languages inside the melting pot, New York City. Ellen Jovin takes us through her adventures and misadventures of urban language-learning. This “make-shift learning lab” offers some insight on how to take full advantage of one’s surroundings.