What Language Should I Learn?

What Language Should I Learn?

language mapLearning a new language can be one of the most enriching experiences. Multilingualism offers a ton of advantages, from professional gains, to mental agility and memory, to problem solving ability. But choosing a language can be a tough decision. With a language, comes a major time commitment. It is crucial that you choose one that fits your personal needs. Here are some tips on choosing a language:


On Travel and Work:

For those of you using a language for work or for travel, think about your industry, and whom you will be speaking with most. Be sure to do your research. Don’t rush to learn Mandarin Chinese only to find that Cantonese would be more useful for your niche. While one language might be more handy on the streets, another might be more beneficial for business matters.

On Personal Growth:

For those of you using a language to expand your knowledge and cultural awareness, find out what is relevant. It might be beneficial to learn a language that has similarities to multiple other languages, as it will broaden your horizons. For example, French, Italian, and Spanish have similar grammar and pronunciation, thus allowing you to apply your knowledge elsewhere down the road.

On Your Learning Type:

It is no secret that everyone excels in different learning environments. So be sure that you choose the setting that best suits your needs. If you are looking for flexibility and convenience, there is an abundance of online resources and courses that will allow you to work at your own pace. If a community learning experience is something you value, dive into a class with some peers. When it comes to language, practice and repetition are everything. Having peers by your side might help to motivate you and push you further.

Consider your options, do your research, decide how you want to learn, and make the commitment.