Private Film Clubs

Film Clubs

We host private film clubs at your organization, and we recommend wine and food pairings for each discussion.

Talks are co-hosted by award-winning college professors and noted film critics who have interviewed Academy Award winners like Sophia Loren and Colin Firth.

“A stimulating series of talks, thought-provoking and interactive.” -2023 participant


We are inspired by the masterpieces of world cinema and the conversations that arise from analyzing them with our participants. All talks are personalized to suit the interests of your members, we work with you to identify the right films and the right setting. Typically, a themed series of films will be presented, with discussions ranging from stylistic choices to the historical context in which the works emerged.


Examples of film series:


Hollywood on the Hudson, 40s-80s

Selections Include:

The Naked City, Dassin, 1948

Midnight Cowboy, Schlesinger, 1969

Taxi Driver, Scorsese, 1976

Big, Marshall, 1988


The French New Wave

The 400 Blows, Truffaut, 1959

Breathless, Godard, 1960

Cleo from 5-7, Varda, 1962

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, Demy, 1964


Bond, James Bond

An interactive retrospective on the 25 films

and the 6 actors who have played Agent 007


Rome in the Movies

Roma Città Aperta, Rossellini, 1945

Il Sorpasso, Dino Risi, 1962

A Special Day, Scola, 1977

The Great Beauty, Sorrentino, 2013


Twilight Lives

Rules of the Game, Renoir, 1939

The Music Room, Ray, 1958

Tokyo Story, Ozu, 1953

Wild Strawberries, Bergman, 1957



“Il Sorpasso” by Dino Risi, 1962.

From our Rome series, this relatively unknown jewel is considered the masterpiece of the “commedia all’italiana” genre, loosely defined as satirical comedy. It’s a funny and touching story of two Roman men on a spontaneous road trip.



“Cleo from 5-7” by Agnés Varda, 1962.

A centerpiece of our French New Wave series, this engaging story about a pop singer waiting for the results of a biopsy (told in real time, between 5:00 and 7:00) helped define what groundbreaking work was created by this movement.

How the talks work

Our films are usually offered as a series of four films but can be offered as a “Double Bill” or even for just one film.

We offer them in person at your location, or on Zoom. After we create the details of the experience with you, we often send you an article to read before our talk. They address the director, actors, setting, relevant history, etc. Participants are usually asked to watch the movies and read the articles before our talk, but we have organized viewing parties at some clubs.

On the night of the event, with a glass of vino or other film-linked beverage in hand if you wish, we all chat together for a few minutes before starting the presentation. We want to know your initial impressions and questions.

After sharing your thoughts with us, our formal presentation covers important points about the film, the director, the style, the historical background, etc.. We then watch a couple of short clips together and include open-ended conversation and discussion among all.

Contact us to learn more about how we can create and host a film club for you.