We offer private and small-group lessons online, in NYC and in NJ. Look at our quarterly schedule for group classes. Learn Spanish to your desired level of proficiency.

Spanish is the most useful (second) language in the United States. Our students acquire proficiency in Spanish for many different reasons. For example, for work as teachers, healthcare professionals, therapists, and construction professionals.

More than anything else, our students are proud of their Spanish as they travel to Spanish-speaking countries and accomplish real-world tasks in the country’s native language.

All of our programs are very interactive, effective and enjoyable.

We have been teaching Spanish for 20 years. Beyond teaching the language to hundreds of individuals, we have also taught Spanish to New York City Department of Education, and at large firms like MTV and Zara.

Private and small-group Spanish Lessons

All of our individual Spanish programs are built around:

  • Your needs and goals
  • Your learning style

All private programs are offered as either:

  • Face-to-face private lessons
  • And/or lessons on Zoom

We personalize programs that range in duration from one day to an entire year. Your program will include multimedia to enrich your experience with the language: text, audio, video, web. An example of a standard private program:

  • 60-minute lessons
  • Once or twice per week (or more intense, if requested)
  • 10 or 15 weeks
  • Private lessons’ cost vary, depending on the type of program you choose.