Values & Methodology

Our Values & Methodology

Our Core Values


We offer Spanish, French and Italian classes that follow a carefully planned curriculum with expert instructors who conduct classes using a task-based methodology.


We want languages to be accessible to all, and we reflect this in our prices for our group lessons.


We offer an informal, welcoming setting with small groups. Our students get to know their instructor and classmates so that the learning process is enjoyable and so that students can learn from each other. We are also proud to foster friendships and even a couple marriages in our 20+ year history!


Learning should be fun and engaging, and that’s exactly what you’ll find with us. Although the task-based style of learning is challenging, we promise you’ll laugh more than you cry!

Our Teaching Methodology


Students are taught in the target language and they are given concrete tasks to accomplish (often with a classmate). Before their task performance, students are given the tools they need to accomplish the task, e.g., “Present your classmate’s Tuesday routine.” This way the students truly experience the language before we analyze the grammar.


Although grammar and written work are important, they are a small portion of what it takes to actively use a language. Our classes are focused on understanding and speaking the target language.


Students actively participate, using and discovering the language rather than passively learning by memorization or a grammar book.


We equip students to do everyday tasks in the target language, such as asking for directions, ordering food, shopping, traveling, attending parties, etc. Our dynamic methods help students become part of the language and culture.