5 Grammar No-No’s

5 Grammar No-No’s

I don’t know which of these is worse: being that guy with poor grammar, or being that guy correcting everyone with poor grammar. Either way, here are five common grammatical errors that nobody seems to get straight.

1. “You’re” and “Your”







Really?! If you’ve graduated from the fifth grade, there is absolutely no excuse for this one. You’re is the contracted form of You are. Your is used to express that something belongs to you.


2. “Literally.”






Literally should be used to describe something exactly as it happened. So please don’t say, “I literally died,” because you literally didn’t.


3. “Could Of”








Could’ve is what you’re looking for. Don’t tell me that could of is slang, or short code. It isn’t. And you could’ve would’ve should’ve used proper grammar.


4. “Irony” and “Coincidence”







I think we are all a little guilty of this one. Irony involves opposites and contradictions, where as a coincidence involves a correspondence in nature or in time of occurrence. Tricky.


5. “I Don’t Know Nothing”

grammar police 1






Try and avoid this double negative at all costs, as you may find yourself in a sticky situation. For instance, if the Grammar Police asks you, “Are you aware of the grammar crime that was just committed?” and you say, “I don’t know nothing,” they’ll be on to you in a heartbeat.


So, if there is anything we can take away from this lesson, it’s this:

grammar police