Buongiorno a tutti! Questa settimana vediamo quante English Words exist in italiano!

English Words in Italian
Your Italian vocabulary is already richer than you think because you can use thousands of English words, unchanged, in the Italian language. Every year dozens of English words “migrate” into the Italian language and are used by millions of Italian speakers everyday. Listed below are 10 examples in context.

1. Audience: “Il programma fa molto audience.”
2. baby-sitter: “La ragazza fa baby-sitter.”
3. Blazer: “Indossa un blazer nero.”
4. Bonus: “Ho ricevuto un bonus.”
5. Business: “E` per il mio business.”
6. Comfort: “Ci sono tutti i comfort.”
7. e-mail: “Ho ricevuto un’ e-mail importante.”
8. fast food: “Non mi piace il fast food.”
9. free-lance: “Fa molto lavoro free-lance.”
10. hamburger: “Vuoi un hamburger?”

I have identified over 2,700 English words that are used in Italian, mamma mia!

A note on forming questions:

To form a question in Italian, all the words can stay in the same order, you just need to emphasize the last word. For example:

Deve andare domani? (Do you need to go tomorrow?)
Dobbiamo cominciare presto? (Do we need to start early?)
Devo mangiare qui? (Do I have to eat here?)
Vuole lavorare oggi? (He/she/you want(s) to work today?)

Esercizio 1: Put in the correct form of each verb:

1)Potere, tu:
2)Dovere, loro:
3)Volere, voi:
4)Dovere, noi:
5) Potere, loro:
6) Volere, tu:
7) Potere, io:
8) Dovere, voi:
9) Volere, loro:

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Buono studio.