How long will it take to become fluent?

Becoming fluent in a language takes a long time. We will guide you to get to your desired level of proficiency. More than anything you need extended exposure to the language and meaningful interaction with native speakers. How quickly you learn a language depends largely on the amount of time you hear/see the language outside of class. You can expect to start to have basic exchanges in the target language after your first session with us, and you can expect to be conversational (about basic, concrete topics) after your first 10 sessions.

Is the task-based environment right for me?

Learning a language by using it with other people is the only way to become proficient. Will you have moments of frustration? Yes. Will you sometimes feel like you’re the only one not “getting it” in class? Yes. Don’t let this stop you! You will have moments when you feel lost, but you will also have breakthrough moments, and you will feel very proud and accomplished! Our groups are fun and small and our teachers love this stuff, so you have a support network to help you when you feel overwhelmed.

How do I know what level is right for me?

If you’ve never taken a language before or you’ve just had an introductory class (maybe in high school), then it’s best to start with Level I. If you’ve had a little more exposure, it’s best to take our online placement test to see where best to begin.

Can I register in person?

The best way to register is online. If you prefer to speak with us first, just contact us. We have limited office hours since we are often teaching off site! Remember, registration is first come, first served, so to guarantee your spot in a class, be sure to register early.

How do I buy the textbook?

Both textbooks can be purchased online but you’ll want to first check with us to make sure you purchase the right level and version.

What if I have to miss a couple classes?

Our group sessions run for 10 weeks and meet for 75 minutes one day per week. All meetings are on Zoom and are recorded for you. If you need to miss a class, just watch the recording and you will be updated with content and homework. We are also happy to answer any detailed questions over email.

What is the refund policy?

We ask that each of our students make a commitment to completing each 10-week session. Our classes are very small, affordable, and interactive, and for that reason we DO NOT provide refunds. Even if you decide not to finish out the session, our dedicated teachers are committed to teaching the full session, and so refunds are not given once the classes start. If you register for a class and find that you need to cancel, you may do so up to 24 hours before the class begins. You will be refunded all but a $50 registration fee.

What is the structure of a private class and what book is used?

Private classes can be structured around your needs, If you want to focus on specific terminology or conversational situations for your job, you let us know, and we’ll structure the class accordingly. Private classes are minimum 1 hour per session, but you can meet for longer each time, and you can meet as often as you’d like per week. The more frequently you practice the better you’ll become! We suggest using the same textbook that is used for small group classes, but in some cases, we may recommend an alternative textbook that more closely matches your needs. And remember, our private classes can be shared with a friend for only a few extra bucks!

Can my teenager take Adult group classes?

Yes! Our adult group classes work for ages 15 and up, although we’ve had a handful of mature 13 and 14-year-olds who have also enjoyed our classes and learned a lot. Your teenager should be comfortable interacting with adults because the classes are very interactive.