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Halloween: The Language of the World

Posted by: Tarin Keith | Author: 10/28/14 | Categories: Language Learning Tips, Multilingual Children

Millions of children around the world will be celebrating the globally recognized holiday, Halloween. From Mexico, to the United States, to Canada, to Ireland; each culture has found a unique way to celebrate this ancient holiday. Traditions vary in differing cultures, but a few things remain the […]… Learn more »

Babies Benefitting from Being Bilingual!

Posted by: Tarin Keith | Author: 09/08/14 | Categories: Multilingual Children, Second Language Acquisition

According to an article in The Independent, research shows that the benefits of being bilingual start at an incredibly young age, as young as six months to be exact. Researchers from the National University of Singapore and the Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences worked collaboritevly with surrounding […]… Learn more »

Raising a Bilingual Child

Posted by: Tom Means | Author: 04/18/14 | Categories: Multilingual Children, Second Language Acquisition

Raising a Bilingual Child As I am now a new parent (see pic!), I am ready to put the following research-proven theories to work: 1. Children can learn multiple languages at the same time. The human brain is wired in such a way that a […]… Learn more »