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Buongiorno a tutti. I hope that you have been practicing the helper verb dovere (to have to/to need/to “must”). Our next helper verb is volere (to want/desire).

Volere (to want)
I want (io)voglio 
You (informal) want (tu) vuoi
He, she, you [formal] want(s) (lui, lei, Lei) vuole 
We want (noi) vogliamo
You (plural) want (voi) volete
They want (loro) vogliono

Here are some more Full Verbs:
aspettare = to wait
arrivare = to arrive
cominciare = to start/commence
lavorare = to work/labor
ritornare = to return
partire = to leave/depart

Examples: We don’t want to wait: Non vogliamo aspettare
They want to start: Loro vogliono cominciare
Do you want to go?: Tu vuoi andare?

As you get used to using the verb volere (to want), try and picture a man with a German accent who walks into a restaurant and says “I vant a beer” This association will help trigger the “v” of “volere” in your mind.

Exercise : Translate with the correct form of dovere or volere:
1). She wants to go:
2). We need to arrive early (presto):
3). He wants to eat and sleep:
4). You (informal) need to wait here tomorrow:
5). We want to start early:
6). You (plural) need to start:
7). You (formal) want to arrive tomorrow:
8). She needs to wait here:

Last week’s answers: 1). Io devo andare 2). Lui deve andare 3). Io devo mangiare 4). Noi dobbiamo mangiare 5). Io devo parlare 6). Lei deve parlare 7). Lui deve andare domani