Learning American Slang

Learning American Slang

Guess what the most popular 5 slang words are in American English?

According to Alina Dizik (link to her WSJ article below), they are:

Dude. (But I think my college friends would give “dude” a run for its money with “bro”!)

Chilling. (But as most of us insiders know, we usually write/say “chillin.”)

Psyched.  (I am a big user of psyched–probably have been for over 25 years.)

Man up. (This was a surprise to me, but I’ve been having fun with it since. “Man up, Tom!”)

Big deal. (Another surprise to me, only because it didn’t seem like such a big deal!)

These top-5 slang words were listed in an article that dealt with the challenges of learning Business English and American slang. As most of us know, learning slang is usually one of the final barriers to overcome in achieving fluency in another language. Hopefully these slang words will help some of you out there who are at such a point in your English.