Listen to music in the target language

Listen to music in the target language

Listen to music in your target language.  Whatever your favorite style of music, it is practically guaranteed to exist in your target language. Invest some time researching your preferred style of music in the language you are learning and you will find an artist or two that you like.

Once you start listening to their music (and reading their lyrics), the language will enter your brain through yet another channel. Put it on as a “study session,” or simply while you drive, clean the house, or just relax.

Reading the lyrics will, of course, also give you contact with the written language so the simple act of listening to music will give you practice in at least three of the four abilities involved in language learning: listening, reading, speaking. (“Speaking” will be involved because you will become your own private rock star as you sing the songs out loud!)

Search for your favorite new singers on YouTube. Once you know of a singer or two you would like to check out, simply type their name into youtube and watch/listen to the videos that pop up. If possible, look for the moniker “Official Video.”

Following is a link to a favorite Italian singer of mine, Jovanotti, and a video of his on youtube: