Watch movies in the target language

Watch movies in the target language

Language Learning Tips:

Watch movies, and try to watch them at least twice each.  It is very important to suspend your total comprehension. You won’t understand everything, but you will absorb valuable expressions from every movie you watch. Once you are somewhat familiar with the cinema industry in your target language/target country, you will have favorite actors/directors to look for. And this will make your “homework” more enjoyable.

One idea I share with my (elementary and intermediate) students is to watch the movie with subtitles for the first viewing, and then without subtitles for the second viewing.

Recent research in the field of Second Language Acquisition has shown that it is very important for a (beginning) language student to listen to high levels of the target language.  Your brain will be making sense out of this new language, even if you don’t realize it.  Grin and bear it, it will be worth it!

Following is a link to Italian actors and directors that have made a splash in the 21st century: