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French Movies for Students of French

Learning French:

The following movies are contemporary classics, all of which are available on Netflix. They are also all movies without too much dialect.

If you are a beginner or low-intermediate student of French, you should probably watch them with subtitles first and then watch them again without subtitles. If you are a high-intermediate or advanced student of French then you should watch them twice each without subtitles.

La gloire de mon pere. 1990 (a Yves Robert film, humorous and captivating)
Les demoiselles de Rochefort. 1966 Musical (a Jacques Demy film with a young Catherine Deneuve)
L’auberge espagnole. 2002 (a fun movie about a French guy who moves to Spain)
Le diner de cons. 1998 (a clever comedy about intellectuals and idiots!)
La Reine Margot. 1994 (a dark, violent love story about a marriage of convenience in 1500)
Les Amants du Pont-neuf. 1991 (a gritty cult classic with Juliette Binoche)
Le Ballon rouge. 1954 (a 34-minute short film about a boy and his red balloon; but the shots of Paris in the 50’s, ah!)
La Haine. 1995 (a gritty picture of disaffected young men living in the ghettos)