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5 Language Learning Blogs You Must Follow

Posted by: Tarin Keith | Author: 08/23/14 | Categories: Language Learning Tips

There is more to learning a language than semantics and phonetics. Becoming fluent in a language means becoming fluent in an entire culture. When it comes to cultural awareness, the surge in Internet developments has provided us with an overload of resources to take advantage […]… Learn more »

20 Fun Facts About World Language

Posted by: Tarin Keith | Author: 08/05/14 | Categories: English Language, Second Language Acquisition

Where would the human race be without our cultivated knowledge of language? Language is what binds us together as a whole and enables us to thrive as a race. Here are some completely random facts about world language to help put things in perspective: 1. […]… Learn more »

5 Grammar No-No’s

Posted by: Tarin Keith | Author: 07/15/14 | Categories: English Language, Language Learning Tips

I don’t know which of these is worse: being that guy with poor grammar, or being that guy correcting everyone with poor grammar. Either way, here are five common grammatical errors that nobody seems to get straight. 1. “You’re” and “Your”         […]… Learn more »