Old San Juan

The Educational Experience. Come live in Spanish in San Juan with us!

2020 Programs

January 5-12, 2020

January 19-26, 2020

April 4-11, 2020

May 16-23, 2020

$5600 per person

Includes all instruction, lodging, and meals

$1000 discount for pairs who register together and share a room.

Two levels: Novice or Intermediate/Advanced

Eight (8) participants per level, maximum.

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Register hoy: 732.807.3646

Trip Details

We will speak/eat/travel in Spanish all week. You will live in an elegant hotel with us, The DreamCatcher, in a sophisticated yet off-the-beaten-path neighborhood of San Juan. Immersion will allow you to quickly improve your Spanish. We have orchestrated interactive experiences for the entire week with locals. You will have local excursions and (brief) classes every day from 10:00am-6:00pm. We eat (or make!) dinner together, en espanol naturalmente, from 8:00pm-10:00pm every night.

There are only two levels: Beginner or Intermediate (+). All students in your group have similar levels, and we will work toward your specific goals. All materials (video/audio/text) are prepared for you and included in the experience. You will be gently pushed to interact with locals all week; our expert team will make using Spanish fun and rewarding.

For Beginners, you will have Spanish class every day and you will be encouraged to maintain your Spanish on our excursions. For Intermediate-level participants (defined as the equivalent of one year of college Spanish), we customize the language levels even more. We will personalize your excursions and work toward your specific, personal goals. Our expert team will make using Spanish fun and rewarding. For intermediate-level only, we challenge you to speak only Spanish all week.

Your entire experience in San Juan with us is curated and ultra private. Two Spanish teachers/guides are present all day, eight students maximum per group. You will accumulate over 50 (fifty) hours of high-quality interaction in Spanish throughout the week; you will do this across all modalities: speaking, listening, reading, writing.

The accommodations and meals are carefully selected for our clientele, we will go to the best restaurants in San Juan and local beachfronts (provided that no English is spoken at the establishment). All meals are included in the experience, and basic wine is also included. Un poco de vino will help enhance your knowledge of Spanish.

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Based upon your preferences, daily excursions may be:

  • Architecture tour. Our friend, Andres, is a renowned architect in PR and the US. He will proudly show us around his dear Old San Juan, exclusively in Spanish. Beyond the 400-year-old sites, Andres’ affability with his extended family will warm your heart and improve your Spanish.
  • Talk with Spanish singer/songwriter. After studying the musician’s lyrics and songs during the day, we will enjoy a private performance with him/her in our hotel’s study. After the performancia, we will enjoy a chat with the artist about the inspiration and meaning behind the lyrics, professional influences, y mucho más.
  • Hacienda de café. For this experience, we travel one hour into the heart of PR into Ciales with our intrepid guide, Armando. The beauty of the landscape will compete with the rich aromas and flavors of the coffee farm to command your attention. Todo en español.
  • Spanish cinema. With an engaging cinema professor from the Univ. of Puerto Rico, you will watch critical scenes from three different masterpieces of Spanish-language cinema. All scenes are the height of artistry, and are rich in Spanish dialogue. We guide you to comment and opine on what you see and hear in each scene before moving on to the next masterpiece.
  • Sunset tour. Gorgeous, hilltop Old San Juan at sunset, qué linda! After a private Spanish-language tour of the city, we will have a cocktail and dinner at sunset, overlooking the colonial fortresses that speak volumes to San Juan’s rich history. As we dine, we pose questions to the group, and guide an interactive conversation on the history of San Juan.
  • Spanish novels. Before your departure, you will know which Spanish-language novelist we will meet, and the book(s) we will discuss. Once in PR, we will have an intimate conversation with the novelist about the book’s major themes, characters, and climactic moments. We will conduct this conversation at the appropriate level of Spanish.
  • Food shopping and cooking. A day with our personal chef. Our friend, Carlos, invites us to his family’s country house to prep our lunch together. We will then savor our creations together on his family’s terraza, overlooking the Bahía de San Juan.
  • Also Available: Sailing Tour in Spanish; Painting Lesson with La Liga de Arte, in Spanish; One-night stay in Vieques.

Typical Day

07:00am-10:00am: Breakfast served in hotel

Hotel staff instructed to only serve you in Spanish. Options for private walking/biking tours available. Our expert Spanish teachers are there to chat if you want.

10:00am-1:00pm: Daily excursion

Every activity is task-based. You will be given your task before we leave, e.g., “Report how many empanada shops are in Frontera. We will only be there for 90 minutes, ask at least 5 locals for this info.”

1:00pm-3:00pm: Lunch

All in Spanish.

3:00pm-5:00pm: Brief lesson

Lesson in hotel conference room, overlooking beach and pool. All students will report their task in Spanish. Teachers will provide some grammar and vocabulary lessons after every student presents. In this way, your learning is truly experiential, based on your experiences in Mexico.

5:00pm-8:00pm: Free time

Our expert Spanish teachers are available for un helado if you want to stroll and chat with them.

8:00pm-10:00pm: Dinner

Dinner at a local restaurant, where arrangements have already been made with staff—NINGUN INGLES! (On two of the six nights, we will cook dinner together with a local mama mexicana; the tasks on those two days will revolve around your shopping for la receta de la mama.)


  • 21 years old minimum
  • If you are Intermediate (+), you must speak with us on the phone before registering. We will have a casual chat in English and then in Spanish.