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Fall Session

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Fall Session

Weeks of October 15, 2018-December 17, 2018

Group sessions are offered four times per year.

Dates are subject to adjustment.

Classes will meet for 10 weeks. Some holidays will adjust the ending date of class. Each session costs $295, plus materials.


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Personalized programs built to meet your interests, goals and schedule.

Fall Schedule 2018

Italian Group Lessons


 Monday 2:00-3:15; Tues 5:30-6:45;

Thurs 4:15-5:30; Sat 3:00-4:15


 Monday 6:00-7:15


 Monday 4:30-5:45




Italian for Travel

**customized programs & lessons available**

Spanish Group Lessons


 Wed 4:00-5:15; Thur 6:15-7:30; Fri 12:00-1:15;

Sat 10:00-11:15

Novice II

 Tues 7:00-8:15; Fri 10:30-11:45; 4:30-5:45; Sat 11:30-12:45


 Tues 4:00-5:15; Wed 5:30-6:45; Sat 1:30-2:45


 Wed 7:00-8:15


Spanish for Educators

**customized on-site programs available**


This course is for students who have had no previous background in the target language. Grammar is taught inductively and simple texts are read. Speaking, listening, reading, and writing are emphasized. Great for educators! 

Novice II

In this continuation of Level I, grammar, brief written messages, and speaking & listening comprehension are developed and supplemented by readings and viewings in the target language. Teachers differentiate based upon students’ levels.


Study in this course includes a review of grammar and reading plus discussion of current events in the target language. Self-expression through oral and written reports is emphasized. Teachers differentiate based upon students’ levels.


Study in this course includes a personalized syllabus developed according to participants’ interests (film, current events, etc.) and extensive communication in spoken and written modalities.

Classes have a minimum of 4 students, and maximum of 9 students.

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