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20 Fun Facts About World Language

Posted by: Tarin Keith | Author: 08/05/14 | Categories: English Language, Second Language Acquisition

Where would the human race be without our cultivated knowledge of language? Language is what binds us together as a whole and enables us to thrive as a race. Here are some completely random facts about world language to help put things in perspective: 1. […]… Learn more »

5 Grammar No-No’s

Posted by: Tarin Keith | Author: 07/15/14 | Categories: English Language, Language Learning Tips

I don’t know which of these is worse: being that guy with poor grammar, or being that guy correcting everyone with poor grammar. Either way, here are five common grammatical errors that nobody seems to get straight. 1. “You’re” and “Your”         […]… Learn more »

A Great Pun Is Its Own Reword

Posted by: Tarin Keith | Author: 07/09/14 | Categories: English Language

What would the English language be without some good old fashioned puns? Here are 10 of the best worst puns that are worth a share. After all, everyone wants to be punny! 1.    2.   3.   4.   5.   6.   7. […]… Learn more »

Guess Where English Is Spoken Most?

Posted by: Tom Means | Author: 06/26/14 | Categories: English Language, Language In The News

Hint: Not North America! There are more speakers of English in Asia than anywhere else in the world. In most Asian countries it is the first foreign language taught to children, and it is the bridge language (what linguists call a “pidgin” language) used by […]… Learn more »

Learning American Slang

Posted by: Tom Means | Author: 06/10/14 | Categories: English Language, Language In The News

Guess what the most popular 5 slang words are in American English? According to Alina Dizik (link to her WSJ article below), they are: Dude. (But I think my college friends would give “dude” a run for its money with “bro”!) Chilling. (But as most […]… Learn more »